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I think the exact same way.

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Potato Jesus Follow-Up of the Day: Sad news out of Spain: Cecilia Gimenez, the 81-year-old who took it upon herself to “fix” a valuable fresco, is so anxiety-ridden over her mistake that she’s taken to self-exile in a blanket nest of shame. 

A recent report says people close to her have tasked themselves with making sure she eats. 


Sometimes you just gotta self-exile in a blanket nest of shame. y’all know.


this. day.

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Many of them are convinced that The Glee Project is their last refuge because, like a Lifetime Movie husband, Ryan Murphy would like them to believe no one else would have them.

- Carla Patton, The Glee Project 2-1 “Individuality” Weecap

I recapped The Glee Project for Television Without Pity and I am proud of myself for being AN INDIVIDUAL.

realitytvgifs: Mob Wives Chicago: Supertrailer

The one with the curls… queen.

"If they deleted you offa their facebook … HAVE A PARTY."

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She-Devil is on Netflix Instant. Everyone watch it immediately.

She-Devil is on Netflix Instant. Everyone watch it immediately.


Let’s discuss!

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The press photo for The New Normal might be why North Carolina passed the ban on same-sex marriage.

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